Mar 24 2014

Lean Body for Her Month 1 Before and After Photos

30 days30 days back

Well, not really noticing much of a difference except in the back area. I’m pretty happy with those muscles!!

Weight Loss is still steady. Holding steady to the 156′s…except for today because I completely went overboard this weekend. Eek!

Should be back to normal weight in the next few days as I detox from the weekend, hah.

Mar 06 2014

Weigh in Thursday: Finally Losing Weight!


Losing Weight

Dec. 18: 155.2
Jan. 8: 158.6
Jan. 15: 159.6
Jan. 29: 157.4
Feb. 12: 157.2
Feb. 26: 157.6
March 6: 156.6

Total Lost in 2014:  -2
Height: 5’7

Weight Loss Thoughts

  • I am finally breaking through! This is the lowest I’ve been in 2014!!! 
  • This has a lot to do with the challenge I’m doing at work. Because we’re on a team, I make better choices because I can’t let down my teammates. Our points that we accrue for the week are averaged out, and I definitely don’t want to be the person that brings the average down!
  • In order to get my 20% point bonus this week though, I need to weigh 155.6 by Monday. That’s a whole ‘nother pound! Eek!
  • I am just thrilled thrilled thrilled. That is all!

Feb 28 2014

Weight Loss Before Photos

Okay, here they are:

before feb 24 2014

Looking at these photos makes me feel like I’ve been acting like a really big baby in terms of weight loss.

I actually feel pretty confident wearing my bikini. I’d just like to tone everything up!

I’m planning a beach getaway for my 30th so that gives me a little under two months to gain some muscle and get to where I want to be!

Feb 26 2014

Weigh In Wednesday: A new sense of motivation


Losing Weight

Dec. 18: 155.2
Jan. 8: 158.6
Jan. 15: 159.6
Jan. 29: 157.4
Feb. 12: 157.2
Feb. 26: 157.6

Total Lost in 2014:  -1
Height: 5’7

Exercise Done

Weight Loss Thoughts

  • I am still not over my cold, but I am doing much better. My first workout back was Monday and I went slower than normal so as to not push too hard.
  • I started a new challenge with co-workers at work and I feel very invigorated to get back on the weight loss wagon!
  • Despite my sickness, I am still holding steady to the 157s, I would love to see 156 by next week!
  • I took new “before” photos which I’ll post soon! Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve gained TOO much flab since November, when I thought I reached my peak. I’ll have to compare to see…
  • So excited to be back with a positive attitude!

Feb 20 2014

It’s been all sorts of depressing…

…around this blog lately and I’m determined to put an end to it!

I am usually such a positive happy person that it’s been so weird to be SO out of my element lately.

But enough is enough right?

I went out to dinner with my husband last night; it was almost a celebration of finally getting back into a routine. My husband’s fire academy ended last week and he is now back on a “regular” shift schedule.

Regular shift schedule for us means he was off all this week, and will work next Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday (24-hour shifts) before being off for six days in a row.

I know that sounds crazy to most people, but for us, it means he’ll finally be able to help around the house and he won’t have to be studying like crazy or barely spending any time together.

But ANYWAY-this post is not about his schedule–it’s about going out to dinner.

And how we sat at the happy hour section next to two girls who were talking about their diets most of the night. These two girls looked GREAT. Very pretty. I would never call them overweight and I certainly didn’t think they needed to lose weight.

And I realized that that is what people probably say about me.

I look pretty decent, I certainly am not overweight and I don’t think I’m fat by any means.

I weigh about three or four pounds more right now than I did in November, but the way I talk about it, you would think I gained 20 pounds! 

It’s ridiculous how much we beat ourselves up. And it’s something that I struggle with sometimes.

I am constantly trying to be better.

I’ve been making decent choices this week. My body has pretty much been dictating what to eat and it involved a lot of SOUP and carbs, like toast. Toast is pretty much the only thing I can stomach in the mornings.

Next Monday, the girls at work wanted to do a weight loss challenge so I told them I would join. And I plan on re-committing!

Last week before I got sick, I was SO good for three full days, and then when I got sick I just couldn’t do anything. Let’s hope I’m at least back to 90% on Monday.

I still want to be under 150 by my 30th at the end of April! 

We’re talking about 8 pounds in 8 weeks, or a pound a week, which is still considered a healthy weight loss rate.

My Plan for The Next Eight Weeks

  • Lean Body for Her Workouts During Lunch Break
  • Cardio 3-4x a week — OrangeTheory Fitness, Hot Yoga or Running
  • Low-Carb clean eating plan– 1400-1600 calories a day
  • Take Photos on Feb. 23, March 21 and April 18 (right before I leave on vacay for my bday!)


Feb 17 2014

Being sick and working out

Last Wednesday, I started feeling a tickle in my throat.

On Thursday, I started coughing. By that evening, I had a fever.

Friday morning, I woke up feeling like hell, but I had several errands to get through, so I sucked it up and felt pretty fabulous most of the day. I would say I was at about an 80%.

Saturday, we also were out most of the day but I felt fine. I thought I was getting over it.

On Sunday, however, my body told me enough was enough and I needed to focus on getting better. I spent most of the day, no, ALL of the day in my pajamas, in front of the TV and in the bed.

I wish that if I become sick, it will be one of those “I lose my appetite” sicknesses, but no, I have to get stuck with the ravenous sickness, where I’m hungry and no matter how much I eat, I’m never satisfied.

I am feeling slightly better today, but need at least another day or two to get back to working order. I had so many workouts planned for this past weekend too…

It sucks so hard to take such a major step backward after I was so set on getting back on track.

Can’t a girl just catch a break???


Feb 12 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday: 6-Pound Weight Loss??



Losing Weight

Dec. 18: 155.2
Jan. 8: 158.6
Jan. 15: 159.6
Jan. 29: 157.4
Feb. 12: 157.2

Total Lost: -1.4
Height: 5’7

Exercise Done

Weight Loss Thoughts

  • I got a much needed confidence boost yesterday as I weighed in for that weight loss competition at my gym, and have lost 6 pounds according to their records! I have no clue how, but that’s not that point! Their scale, which is way more hi-tech than mine, also had me weighing less than my one at home…hmmm. Makes me think I may need a new scale? *edited to add: I weighed in at 1 pm the first time, and this time at 5:30 pm, so don’t think it was water weight…*
  • Before I got on the scale, I was completely expecting either a gain, or the same weight. I was FLOORED to see such a big loss. Goes to show we are our harshest critic…
  • This has been a BIG confidence boost, and I am committed to continue my workout and better eating routine. Guess I have a chance at winning the $2500 after all?
  • Committing to a workout routine unfortunately has meant that I am no longer doing Jamie Eason–and the reason is that Month 3 significantly increases the time. I knew that I could either attempt to do it and fail, or I could switch to another workout program that I could keep up with. So now I’m doing the Lean Body for Her challenge.
  • I lift during my lunch breaks, and do cardio 3-5x a week, after work or on the weekend. My cardio consist of Orange Theory classes and hot yoga. Sometimes, I just run.
  • I’m so glad that I took last week’s much needed break. I am feeling so much better mentally this week and am back in the game!  decided to restart my starting weight number, at least for now. It’s too disheartening to see how much less I weighed pre-holidays.

Feb 05 2014

No Weigh In Today

After yesterday’s melodramatic post, I decided to take a break this week.

I’m bloated, I’m cranky, I just need to get out of my funk.

I’m already feeling better though and I hope to kick it up a notch next week!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I’m in a diet challenge through my gym and I have the chance to win $2500 if I can get my act together!

It ends Feb. 28 so that gives me three weeks to get my act together!

That doesn’t mean I’m going to go hog wild until Monday, just that I don’t need the reminder from the scale today that I’ve been slacking..

Feb 04 2014

Why I’m Not Losing Weight

January was a really hard month for me. Most Januaries, I lose the extra holiday weight almost immediately.

This year, I’ve been having the hardest time.

I don’t understand how I was losing weight so consistently in the fall, only to be at a standstill the entire month of January.

Well–it’s my routine.

January has not gone back to normal. The biggest thing that has screwed up my routine is my husband’s work schedule. My husband normally works several 24-hour shifts. Due to training, he’s been working 7 am to 6 pm every week day.

For most people, a weekday work schedule is NORMAL. But it’s not for my husband. And because of that, it’s been really screwing up my eating habits.

Instead of coming home and just having chicken and veggies on the nights my husband is working, I have been actively preparing actual meals. Even though these meals are healthy, I am no doubt eating more than I normally would.

In addition, my husband has been with me all weekends. I always eat worse when he’s around since he’s not the best eater. Before, I would usually have at least one weekend day to myself, and I would stick with my healthy choices that whole day.

I’m eating more, I’m making not as great choices.

I am trying to find a reason for my lack of losing weight.

It really hit me hard this week when I realized I’m going to attend my friend’s birthday in San Francisco at the heaviest that I’ve been in over six months. I had high hopes of being svelte. And it was a real heart-breaker when I realized I’m actually heavier than when I set the goal.

I also know that Aunt Flo will be visiting soon, and that has been contributing to my depressed mood yesterday and today. It is moments like these where I just want to give up. Where I want to indulge and not care because I just can’t seem to get my act together.

But I DID get my act together. I did it in the fall, and I will somehow find a way to do it again.

Today is just one day.

Jan 29 2014

Weigh In Wednesday: Making Progress


Losing Weight

Dec. 18: 155.2
Jan. 8: 158.6
Jan. 15: 159.6
Jan. 29: 157.4

Total Lost: -1.2
Height: 5’7

Exercise Done

  • Wed: Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer, hot yoga
    Steps: 9,200+
    Total Calories Burned: 622
  • Thurs: Jamie Eason LiveFit, Orange Theory
    Steps: 12,000+
    Total Calories Burned: 905 calories
  • Fri: rest
  • Sat: Pure Barre (I forgot my heartrate monitor this day!)
  • Sun: rest
  • Mon: Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer
    Steps: 11,000+
    Total Calories Burned: 404
  • Tues:Jamie Eason LiveFit, Orange Theory
    Steps: 12,700+
    Total Calories Burned: 813

Weight Loss Thoughts

  • I decided to restart my starting weight number, at least for now. It’s too disheartening to see how much less I weighed pre-holidays. 
  • I am 1.4 pounds heavier than I was at this point last year. I am 2.4 pounds heavier than I was pre-holiday weight gain. I am 5.4 pounds heavier than my goal for end of January.
  • I am going to continue to meal plan, eating low carb most days.
  • I track my food pretty well on My Fitness Pal– feel free to friend me!

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